The good life…a dog’s life.

I knew this was going to happen eventually…My mom told me to “Just say no!”…My dad warned me of what I was getting myself into…and yet, I still couldn’t resist. At the infamous Pet Supply Plus in Athens, Ga., customers are faced every Saturday with the nearly insurmountable task of walking past the dozens of cute, adoptable puppies sitting at the front doors as they walk towards the fish food aisle.

After weeks of self-control, I was proud to say I could go play with these dogs-in-need without giving in to the urge to take one home. So grown up, right? Wrong.

A few weeks ago, I went to the pet store after work on Saturday morning to play with the dogs, and by the next weekend, I was back – this time not for fish food, but a leash, collar, dog tag, big fluffy pillow, soap, Science Diet…the works.

Her name is Penny…but before I adopted her, her name was Ginger…

…and at one point, “T-Shirt”…she definitely needed rescuing.

Although she has managed to consume about 4 chocolate bars and two jars of Beta Fish food since I adopted her, she seems like one of the most happy-go-lucky dogs I have ever met. I always imagine her singing songs like Good Day by Nappy Roots in her head all day long…”We’re gonna have a good day and all my homies gonna ride today and all these mommies look fly today and the only one we wanna do is get by today heyyy, we’re gonna have a good day and ain’t nobody gotta cry today cause ain’t nobody gonna die to u save that trouble for another day heyyy we’re gonna have a good day…”

Needless to say, Bettina and I now have a new hiking partner/mouth to feed/hammock-mate/tick magnet/form of protection. Unfortunately, dogs aren’t allowed in the Smokies…so in order to avoid her being eaten by a bear (eek), I’m working on teaching her how to stick her thumb out so she can hitch-hike home.

2 Responses to “The good life…a dog’s life.”
  1. Bettina says:

    I cannot wait to meet her cuuuute face! How did you forget to mention her name used to be T-SHIRT??? Wow, she is one lucky dog to have found you. Three’s a party on the trail!

  2. Name identity crisis, but I love Penny for her now! She is absolutely precious. Will she be hiking with you?

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