Taking the Inventory Bus to Geartown

Thanks to my lovely father who has been backpacking since his days as “Ricky” in upstate New York, Teen and I have a vast supply of camping gear to use on our treck. Currently, we each own one ENO Doublenest Hammock , a bug net, a rain tarp and some hiking boots. Other than that, we are unequipped.

I took a quick inventory of the pertinent gear stashed in the garage of my parent’s house, and I was pleasantly surprised by what I found:

PUR Water Filtration System: I think we need a new filter for this guy, but clean water will be KEY!

…definitely need a practice run on this one…

That handle is removable…high tech! Not sure if it’s best to just take a pot for boiling water…?

Stove!….must buy gas…lots of gas.

That’s right Sierra Club... we support.

Apparently, you can use this for EVERYTHING!!

….don’t mess with us.

This is legit, right? For midnight bathroom runs? telling ghost stories? bear hunts?

This is the most ESSENTIAL, I think. Do true hikers just use leaves? I don’t want any poison oak butt…

Just in case?….maybe too heavy…

And last, but not least, I will not back down on bringing a toothbrush. We may have to forgo shaving legs for a while, but I can’t handle 30 days of morning breath……I. Love. Toothbrush.

This is what we have so far – does anyone have suggestions? We also have walking sticks, but I couldn’t find them!

One Response to “Taking the Inventory Bus to Geartown”
  1. broseefus says:

    bring a pot, not a pan, unless the fit together. also cut the handle of the toothbrush in half, you don’t need it. make sure each of you carries your own poo paper. ALWAYS have a pair of dry socks, usually one inside the backpack, one drying on the outside as you walk and one on your feat. make sure you spend a few nights in your hammocks before you decide to camp with them. They have been known to give sore backs in the mornings. Bring a watch and a normal compass (non electronic). Learn how to use both. Get some good ass bug juice that has deet in itfor the first few days until you smell so bad that the bugs flea (sp) you.

    More to come.

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