Steve says…tips from a pro

Terrapin Beer Co. in Athens, Ga. has a lot going for it – great beer, awesome staff, inspiring community involvement…basically the best $10 you’ll spend in town. They were recently rated as one of the country’s “hottest small breweries” by the Brewers Association and “the hottest place in Athens to meet out-of-town Appalachian Trail hikers/electricians….and other cool people too” by me!

The last time I went on the brewery tour, I was introduced to the special friend of a friend of a friend (…it was a busy night) and found out that he not only had hiked the AT with a friend recently, but also that he was about to start hiking the PCT along the west coast – 2,600 miles to the AT’s 2,200!

Completely unprepared for this encounter (will do better next time…), I started spouting off every question and concern I could think of. Many thanks to Steve for putting up with my overzealous attempt at an interview. Here is what I was able to deduce from our conversation:

  1. Bring walking sticks – you will want them

    Photo courtesy of Waka Jawaka/Flickr

  2. You can hike way more than 10 miles per day if you’re motivated
  3. Hotels and bars are available along the way….if you want to partake
  4. Getting food and supplie along the way is NOT a problem so…
  5. Ticks are for real and actually do carry lime disease….be prepared to look for them constantly on yourself (and a dog if you bring one)

Don't bring courtesy of AaronThul

Bring courtesy of marchorowitz/Flickr

One Response to “Steve says…tips from a pro”
  1. I know that my main thing that I would need to remember is pack light. Otherwise, I would be struggling seriously.

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