Top 5 best camping inventions of all time

While cleaning my room the other day, I started realizing how fantastic it will be to carry all my life’s necessities on my back for a month! I mean seriously, how many pairs of shoes will I have to keep track of…ONE! So aside from the obvious shoes, shorts, food, etc., I wanted to pay homage to some of those key inventions that have made backpacking THAT much better (and that much more possible for non-Boy Scouts)!



Photo courtesy of Threat to Democracy/Flickr

5. The Compression Sack

You want to know what’s in that sack next to the shoe? a down sleeping bag! That’s right. If my calculations are correct, that means I can bring appx. 60 pair of fresh SmartWool!

Photo courtesy of Research Indicates/Flickr

4. The gas stove

As much as I love playing the Cast Away game, I’m from the suburbs of Atlanta, Ga… I plan on utilizing every resource possible on this trip – no-fuss fire included…



Roommate Bissell in my ENO!

3. The ENO Hammock (double nest baby!)

Bettina and I have quite a history with ENO hammocks, which I will have to devote an entire post to…so look out for a compelling story about music, scorching heat, stickers and a man named Walker!



Photo courtesy of Paul.Carroll/Flickr

2. The Splash Guard

Seriously one of the best inventions across the board. You can pour AND drink easily. Imagine….you’re being chased by a bear (gasp), and after hours of running, this $3 piece of plastic could save your life while keeping the front of your shirt dry!




Photo courtesy of fifkins/Flickr

1. Peanut butter!!

Does this one really need explaining? Protein. Carbs. Fat. Delicious.

Okay, I failed. In the process of writing this post, I neglected to mention something so crucial to camping that if I don’t include it, I shouldn’t be trusted in the woods…



Photo courtesy of Mooganic/Flickr

The headlamp

Three words: midnight bathroom run.

6 Responses to “Top 5 best camping inventions of all time”
  1. I think that peanut butter is one of the best inventions of all time, everywhere.

  2. iapender says:

    Haha these are hilarious- but so true!!

  3. Dr. Dud says:

    The link you included in the item #4 description is key! I think you and Bettina should do a video reenactment.

  4. coloremily says:

    I’m so glad you did this!! I’m going camping in the next few months I may need your advice!

  5. Timothy says:

    Carrying The Splash Guard indicates your likely also carrying a nalgene bottle which is about three times heavier than a simple 1 liter Aquafina bottle from the convenience store.

    Also, the white gas stove is very old school and also heavy (I have a Peak 1). Might consider a lighter alcohol stove.

    I’m with you on the hammock. I use a Grand Trunk lightweight travel hammock. Hope never to sleep on the ground again.

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