National Geographic Society To The Rescue!

For my birthday this past week (eww…22), I got two key AT presents. First off,  Netflix is now part of my life, and I feel like I have joined “the club,” as they say. The first thing I watched was a National Geographic documentary about the Appalachian Trail! The film was full of stunning shots of every section of the trail as well as the personal stories of a variety of hikers from a 70 year-old man through-hiking for the first time (I cried when he reached the peak of Mt. Kathdin) to a European woman in search of the real treasures our country has to offer.

I learned about the history of the trail as well as profiles of each of the sections: Southern, Virginia, Mid-Atlantic, and New England. We will hopefully make it into the Virginia section on our trip. I also learned that of all the hikers who set out to through-hike each spring, only 1 in 4 actually make it to the end….not inspiring odds (I think 30 days is pretty solid for my short legs).

I also got another AT present for the big two-two: the Appalachian Trail Guide to North Carolina-Georgia! Some of you may remember this from the embarrassing video in the first post. We can now officially cross ONE thing off of the list of things to buy. The guide has details for each of the trails in these two states and information about stores and towns along the way. The packet also contains 3 maps (one is from NatGeo). The best part: the whole thing is water resistent! Life is good.

More (out)posts to come once I start reading!


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