The one where we begin our Appalachian Trail blog

Ever since our mom’s forced us to hang out in the sixth grade by signing us up for the same soccer team, Bettina and I have been best friends. After high school, we planned a month-long backpacking trip through Europe which took us to six countries, two Swedish church hostiles, and one cruise ship. As we are graduating college in a few months, the only logical plan seemed to avoid the real world a while longer by pulling out our backpacks (Sven and Leif) for another adventure.

Bettina and I in Finland with Aunt Gittan and our infamous backpacks - Sven and Leif

For 30 days, we will be hiking the Appalachian Trail from its start in Georgia – getting as close to Virginia as we can. Along the way, I know we will meet great people and experience the “wonders of nature,” and we will document it here through videos, pictures and guest bloggers! Oh, and we are not bring any tents…it’s ENO hammocks all the way!

As we prepare for the trip, we will be posting everything we learn about the trail and hopefully meet other backpackers who want to share their experiences and advice!

To kick off the blog, we made a short video – check it out below!

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