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Amicalola Falls to Steak n’ Shake…and everything in between

I have done something terrible. I went against everything @KarenRussell and every other professor/mentor/blogger has ever taught me and stopped – with absolutely no explanation whatsoever – posting regularly on my blog. I apologize to anyone that I may have left hanging as a result, and I feel I owe it to you and myself to finish this … Continue reading

The good life…a dog’s life.

I knew this was going to happen eventually…My mom told me to “Just say no!”…My dad warned me of what I was getting myself into…and yet, I still couldn’t resist. At the infamous Pet Supply Plus in Athens, Ga., customers are faced every Saturday with the nearly insurmountable task of walking past the dozens of … Continue reading

The water industry vs. charity: water

What connotations does water have in the U.S.? Here is what first popped into my head: Sex tape (I’ll explain later…) Healthy Landfills Expensive Bills These are the ideas that were prominent in my mind because of the American culture surrounding water from media images to social movements. The cultural, economic and political power water has developed … Continue reading

Taking the Inventory Bus to Geartown

Thanks to my lovely father who has been backpacking since his days as “Ricky” in upstate New York, Teen and I have a vast supply of camping gear to use on our treck. Currently, we each own one ENO Doublenest Hammock , a bug net, a rain tarp and some hiking boots. Other than that, we … Continue reading

Green Tunnel from Kevin Gallagher

I am constantly amazed by people’s ability to produce art. Yes, it comes in many forms, and yes, you will never get everyone to like it. But, when you look at a painting or photograph or you watch a movie or listen to a song, the honest passion and spirit behind the work will always … Continue reading

Meet Bettina – UNO anyone?

I am so excited to introduce all of my faithful readers (…you know who you are you two!) to by best friend and hiking partner extraordinaire – Bettina B.: She’s blonde. She’s a genius. And best of all, she’s a Swede!!! Below is her account of our first camping trip together… “The first time the Dream Team headed … Continue reading

Steve says…tips from a pro

You can hike way more than 10 miles per day if you’re motivated Hotels and bars are available along the way….if you want to partake Getting food and supplie along the way is NOT a problem so… Ticks are for real and actually do carry lime disease….be prepared to look for them constantly on yourself … Continue reading

A Backpacker’s Mixtape

I’m a firm believer in the cathartic power of music in pretty much any situation – driving in a car (preferably with the sun roof open), sitting outside, going for a run, etc. I honestly can’t imagine taking this backpacking trip without tunes to set the mood! Here it is – let me know what … Continue reading

Top 5 best camping inventions of all time

While cleaning my room the other day, I started realizing how fantastic it will be to carry all my life’s necessities on my back for a month! I mean seriously, how many pairs of shoes will I have to keep track of…ONE! So aside from the obvious shoes, shorts, food, etc., I wanted to pay … Continue reading

National Geographic Society To The Rescue!

For my birthday this past week (eww…22), I got two key AT presents. First off,  Netflix is now part of my life, and I feel like I have joined “the club,” as they say. The first thing I watched was a National Geographic documentary about the Appalachian Trail! The film was full of stunning shots of every … Continue reading